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“Hearkening back to the traditional folk duos of the 1950s and 1960s, The Boston Imposters represent the genre at its most pure: two capable voices, supported by sparse-yet-effective instrumentation, working together to earnestly share stories anyone can relate to."

                        - Elena See,

The Boston Imposters are a husband-wife singer-songwriter duo and music educators based in Southeast Wisconsin. Davey Harrison and Maire (pronounced like Mary) Clement began collaborating many years prior, but their duo was officially founded during their time living as Midwestern Impostors in Boston. The duo blend beautiful harmonies, accompanied by acoustic guitar, mandolin, and banjo to craft heartfelt original songs. Inspired by traditional, classic and contemporary folk music, The Boston Imposters write about their lives and experiences, inspired by the people who have been a part of their journey.

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